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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Smith Family page 2

Top L: Craig Cook, Tyra Cook
Top R: Aiyana McCabe, Kelsey Cook
Middle L: James McKinney, Peter Bowen McKinney, Olivia McKinney
Middle R: Eden Smith

Smith Family page 1

Top L: Kathleen Egbert, Harold Smith
Top R: Craig Patten _____ , _____ , _____, Ciarah Cook
Middle L. Nathan Smith, Katelyn Smith
Middle R: James Healey, Katelyn Smith, ____
Bottom L: Tyra Cook, Mikaela Cook
Bottom Middle: Doris Cook
Bottom R: Craig Cook

A day to remember page 2

Top L: Ralph (Hank) Smith
R. Dennis Gauger, Kathleen Gauger
M: Ronald Smith
Middle R: Craig Patten, Joy Patten, Nicole Mooney, Christian Mooney
Bottom L: Jacob Smith
Middle: Aiyana McCabe
R: LouJeanne Smith, Karissa McKinney

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day to remember page 1

Top L: Kathleen Egbert, Harold Smith, McKay Smith, Nathan Smith
Middle L: Connie Smith, Emily Smith
Center: Jan McKinney
R: Reva Smith
Bottom L: Doris Cook, Ciarah Cook

Playground page

Top L: Dennis Gauger, John McKinney
R: McKay Smith, Eden Smith, Jared Smith, Jacob Smith
Middle: Ciarah Cook, Madison Patten, _____
Bottom: Jared Smith, Miriam Smith

Swimming Scrapbook page