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Monday, September 1, 2008

2007 Smith Family Reunion

This blog is dedicated to Adelbert and Della Smith, who were the originators, commanders & chiefs, but most importantly the parents who began this wonderful posterity. Adelbert Smith and Della Doyle married on the 7th of July in 1925 in Provo Utah. They had five children, four boys --- Doyle, Ron, Max and Hank ---and one daughter Doris. Each child married and had children and their children married and had children and on and on.Friday, August 30th the Adelbert and Della posterity had a 2nd annual Smith family reunion held at Loren and Doris Cooks beautiful new home in Orem, Utah, just below the mouth of the Provo Canyon. Those who came early enough were treated to a swim in the beautiful Cook family pool. The children played on the "Big Toy" and slides while the adults had the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with family. Doris organized the meal that consisted of BBQ chicken sandwiches or Hot dogs, and a potluck of lots of wonderful things to choose from, including yummy desserts. Many thanks to everyone for helping to provide such a nice meal. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun reminiscing of old times. After dinner, the little children, and some older ones, went to the fish pond and fished for fun prizes and treats.Prior to the reunion, Doris sent out a request from every family for their Family Group sheet to be filled out. Doris spent hours & hours typing up these records and printing them off for each family to take home. Many Thanks to Doris and Loren for hosting such a wonderful family time. We know how many hours and expense were put into making this reunion the success that it was and we all want to thank-you for making it possible.

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